Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Would you remember Truth or Dare Party Game out of your childhood? I do! It was a basic game at every slumber over I went to growing up.

This year I determined to take it up a notch and turn the concept into an alluring bedroom game.

My amazing husband put together free printables for the hot truth or dare game questions. It’s possible for you to subscribe below for my newsletter and I’ll e-mail you a pdf. You can make your own cards with the suggestions in this post if you would rather.

Couples bedroom games are a terrific way to enhance your intimacy. That is why we have put together several games that you and your partner can play.

When you print off this, don’t forget to choose front and back printing. I suggest if you’re able to you use card stock. Don’t forget to cut on the cards.

I know it can be difficult to get out with your partner on a regular basis. I find spending time with your loved one in the relaxation of your home is a bonding experience.

If you go with an at home date night, contemplate using 101 Conversation Starters for Couples. This will get your mind in the right mood for the night.

Girls specifically need to be mentally ready and feel romanced beforehand. When a woman is truly ready, she’s got an improved chance of reaching physical happiness that is amazing.

In case you are not able to print out the cards, here is a listing of the advice you need to make your own.


I put together a listing of questions which will get you talking and thinking about sex. It’s important that you simply talk relating to this close act you have with your spouse.

This can be a game that’s meant to get you in the mood. If you encounter a question that might induce one to fight, bypass it.

  1. What’s your favourite sex position? (resource- Sex positions it is possible to try)
  2. What would you desire me to say while we are having sex?
  3. What is your notion of hot bedroom language?
  4. What’re while we have sex is going through your brain?
  5. What did you believe the very first time you saw me naked?
  6. Where it would be if we could have sex everywhere in public and never get caught, tell me.
  7. What do I do that really turns you on?
  8. What are your favorite foreplay moves?
  9. Would you rather have nighttime sex or morning sex?
  10. What film couple has the love story most like ours? Explain.
  11. Ask me anything you desire to understand.
  12. Can you enjoy for me keep quiet or to be loud when we are having sex?
  13. Just how long would your ideal quickie last? Describe every aspect in my experience.
  14. Describe to me in detail.
  15. I encourage you to talk about things that make you uncomfortable.

You can get it if you’ll enjoy the digital version of the game.



I spent quite a bit of time coming up with steamy activities that’ll get you and your partner going.

  1. Do your twerking moves that are best for 20 seconds.
  2. Kiss me down like Mary Jane and Spiderman kissed.
  3. Use your tongue to compose a word that describes me.
  4. Use hand or my finger and show me how you like to get oral sex.
  5. Kiss me anyplace you desire.
  6. Use your fingers to trace over your favourite parts of my body.
  7. Hold my hand while you kiss me for 20 seconds.
  8. Kiss your path down my back or stomach.
  9. Massage me with oil in whatever way you choose for 30 seconds.
  10. Snuggle me how you enjoy for 20 seconds.
  11. Excite two parts of my body at once. Use your hands on lips on another and one part.
  12. Take a sexy selfie and text it to me.
  13. Show me the part of your body that you simply think I find the most sexy.
  14. Kiss me with your eyes open for 30 seconds.



Player 1 asks Player 2 to pick on DARE or TRUTH.

Player 2 decides.

Player 1 pulls the top card from that heap.

Player 1 gives them the dare or inquires Player 2 the question.

Player 2 replies question or performs dare.

Players change once Player 2 has done what’s on the card.

The game is over when you say it’s. I’d encourage one to play several rounds to develop delight and expectation. One of many aims of the game is really to make you stop and invest time in foreplay before you’re cozy.

I hope you appreciate this game with your partner and you both feel closer to one another. It really is so crucial that you invest in one another on a level that is physical.